An Unbiased Third Party Review Of Quivana – Is It A Solid Business Opportunity?

An Unbiased Third Party Review Of Quivana – Is It A Solid Business Opportunity?

If you’ve found this article, then chances are you’re either looking to join Quivana as a rep, or you’re simply looking for an unbiased Quivana review that gives you the full story. As a student of marketing, one of the things I like to do, besides growing my personal business, is stay on top of what’s going on in the industry. Quivana has been getting a lot of exposure lately, so I wanted to take a closer look. If you’re that serious about joining Quivana, I want to encourage you to take some time to go over the information in this review first so you’ll be better equipped to make an educated decision. In this simple review, I’ll cover details about the company, the product line, the Quivana compensation plan and whether or not it is a scam. I’ll also cover how you can position yourself ahead of 95% of your competition, should you decide to join and become a distributor. Again, I want to emphasize that this is a third party review, I am not a Quivana representative, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an unbiased perspective.

A Brief Review of Quivana’s Leadership

The first thing you should take into consideration when looking at Quivana is the history of the company leaders. The reason it’s so important to examine the leadership and history of a marketing company is because many times a business leader who has been successful in other businesses will start an MLM company and will fail to produce good results. Since network marketing companies adhere to different business principles than traditional businesses, it is important to have leadership in the main offices who have prior experience in direct sales and network marketing. You’re in luck that Quivana has strong corporate leaders with experience in creating successful Network Marketing companies, and that is a huge benefit.

Derek Hall, the founder and CEO, has worked as President and CEO for Nature’s Way, Botanicals International, Integrative Therapeutics, Unigen USA and Univera. Rodney James, Chief Sales Officer has experience from XanGo, VM Direct, and NuSkin. Devin Glazier, the Chief Financial Officer, has experience from Xango, as does Justin Banner, the Chief Strategy Officer and Craig Johanson, the Chief Marketing Officer. Banner and Johanson also come to Quivana with experience from Tahitian Noni International.

What Exactly Does Quivana Market?

As far as their products go, Quivana is a health and wellness company, and they have two main product lines. One is called QORE. The other is called METABOLIQ.

The QORE product line consists of a variety of health supplements with ingredients that can be found in some historic Asian health remedies. The QORE line is designed to build your immune defense, increase your energy, and detox your body of heavy metals and other harmful toxins you are exposed to every day. The QORE products are delivered through capsules that you take with water every day.

The METABOLIQ product line is a complete lifestyle management system that helps you lose weight and strengthen your immunity in a 90-day program. The foundation of this line is diet shakes, snack bars, and dietary supplements all designed for natural weight loss. The shakes are designed to burn body fat and rapidly stabilize your blood sugar while reducing cravings and eliminating hunger pangs. Quivana Boost is designed to burn calories faster in order to accelerate fat loss, and the Quivana Resist product helps you resist your cravings for sweets.

Quivana created these product lines after more than three decades of award-winning research by a world-leading metabolic specialist and weight-loss research scientist named Dr. Donald Layman.

How do the products affect the opportunity? Well you really have to ask yourself one major question: “would I buy these products if I was not involved in the opportunity?” Regardless, if you seriously want to get involved with Quivana, you should contact an authorized distributor and ask to sample some of the product. This may seem pretty obvious but I might as well spell it out. If you find the products don’t produce any results in your life, don’t join the company! If however, you try the products, enjoy them, and see positive results, you will be able to represent them with confidence. In that case, Quivana might be a good fit for you.

The Quivana Business Opportunity

As far as the compensation plan goes, Quivana is built around a Binary MLM compensation model which means you have to build two teams (a right leg and a left leg). You’ll be able to earn 10% of the total volume of your small team (the one with less volume) every month, plus other bonuses and commissions. You can also make immediate income retailing products and sponsoring people. There are also some pools you can participate in based on your rank and production, which will enable you to profit from the company’s total production.

Binary commission plans have a history of working very well over the last 10 years in the MLM profession. Although it isn’t my personal compensation preference, I can give you many examples of people in the MLM profession, and also in Quivana, who earn significant monthly incomes from Binary Plans. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and can be quite lucrative for the right person.

The disadvantage of Quivana’s Binary Commission plan is that it can create a false sense of security. People can become lazy, thinking that they’ll get rich off of only sponsoring two people, when it is repeatedly demonstrated that even in a Binary plan, the top income earners are usually people who have sponsored 100 distributors or more. Is that a disadvantage? Not at all. I just want you to understand that if you do get involved with the Quivana opportunity, you are still going to have to work hard, sponsor a lot of people, and learn to produce results personally.

Wrapping Up: Quivana Is a Good Opportunity

In summary, Quivana is definitely a credible company. They have a solid management team, a product that everybody already uses and a good compensation plan. By partnering with them, you can position yourself to take advantage of. However, having all that in place isn’t enough to make money. Harrassing your close friends and family will only get you so far, and giving out product samples and talking to strangers will yield you minimal results. In order to assemble a sizable group that can pay you a significant residual income, you’ll need to be able to bring in leads.

How to Generate Leads for Your Quivana Business

If you can make the most of an effective lead creation program in association with your Quivana business, you can be on your way to putting together a dramatically lucrative business. There are three things you want to look for in an online system. First, make sure the system is 100% generic. Second, make sure you get to keep all of the leads you generate. Third, make sure you can customize the system to promote yourself and your opportunity. A high quality attraction marketing system will give you the ability to generate lots of leads for your Quivana business. Most people fail in this industry because they don’t have enough people to talk to about their business, so you will be one step ahead of the pack. This will give you the ability to become the one person out of 10 who actually succeeds in Quivana. As soon as you can join off-line team development activities with online lead creation, you could very well be on the road to creating a dramatically thriving home business.

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