Global Technology Impact Fund, Corp. Launches Seeking Investors for their Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

The Fund is Raising $15,000,000 for their Series A

FRESH MEADOWS, N.Y., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Global Technology Impact Fund, Corp. launches seeking investors for their Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. The Fund is raising $ 15,000,000 for their Series A.

The Fund’s approach to this Opportunity Zone sponsorship is to leverage huge opportunities by using engineering concepts that mimic the brilliance of nature, to build businesses, products and services that are beneficial to the earth, productive, sustainable, profitable, and protective with long term creation of desirable jobs.

The fund initial plans are to make investments in these and other Environmentally Sustainable companies:

Digital Direct IR, Inc.

D2IR is in development of the next generation of Thermal Infrared Imaging technology. The technology will bring low cost, high performance IR cameras to serve the many markets that need the capabilities the system will provide. It will be used for Autonomous Vehicles and auto safety systems, security, surveillance, law enforcement, military industrial, medical applications, and many other vertical market areas.

Digital Direct IR, an engineering company specializing in the development of our patent platform for products for Thermal Infrared Imaging, presently more than 10 patents worldwide, and more to come. Our technology is the only Dual-Spectrum and Direct-to-Digital thermal detection methodology specifically for imaging systems. We recently completed testing in an independent test lab and the results were impressive.

Presently the worldwide Thermal Camera Market is over $30 billion dollars growing rapidly. There are many existing markets we will focus on including, security, surveillance, first responders, law enforcement, military, homeland security, medicine, TSA, large area ballistics detection and many more. Our core technology is easily scalable and translatable to other viable and important market verticals. One particular vertical that will receive geometric growth is the automotive industry requiring imaging systems for the future of autonomous vehicles as well as present needs for better, more comprehensive and accurate situation awareness imaging and detection. D2IR has patents for a unique approach to our automotive thermal camera designs.

Drone Data Management, Inc.

Drone Data Management provides drone flight imaging and analysis services. The data collected is processed and analyzed by our staff producing reports tailored to the clients’ requirements. Our multi spectral imaging and analysis capabilities provide our clients with valuable data that is unavailable from conventional means and saving them money and valuable time. DDM does this for Land Surveys, water resources, roof condition, water intrusion, Insurance, safety, Pipe leakage, home inspections, agriculture, utilities, roads, and bridges to name a few.

DDM is under contract with Eget Liber to do their waterway algae mapping, generate GPS data for the mitigation boats to follow, mitigation verification flights and imaging for agency requirements.

Currently DDM is working on projects that include location of underground lead water pipes, expansion of its operations into other regions, multi-spectral imaging and analysis to facilitate identification of hazardous materials and brownfields, site examination for solar fields, solar field performance to maintain their power output and value. In addition, contracts to survey underwater power lines and communication cables are also being developed.

Eget Liber (Cyanobacteria Algae Mitigation)

EL uses a patented ROV mitigation boat with high-energy photonics to kill toxic blue green algae. Toxic algae (cyanobacteria) is a worldwide problem that affects drinking water, and has potential lethal impact on people, fish and other animals. The ROV Boat operates autonomously from the GPS data created from the drone imaging and analysis. Multiple ROV boats can be operated simultaneously to cover large areas and reduce the processing time. Once killed, EL removes the material and is developing secondary markets for biofuel and products. EL has contracted Drone Data Management to do the drone over flights that determine the type of material to be killed as well as map the area to be processed. When done, they fly again to determine if all the material has been mitigated and to create the imaging and analysis to ensure agency compliance. Currently, EL has signed a CRADA (cooperative research and development agreement) with a major DoD agency, that will provide the company additional research and data resources as well as potential customers.

Electro Max

DoD is seeking different form factor prototypes for high-gain directional antenna arrays. This enables C2 resiliency in a contested network environment through frequency agility that are analog beamforming with narrow beam width to overcome significant path loss in bands above 24 GHz. These are required in both base stations (~128 to 256+ elements) and mobile devices (~4 to 32 elements) for 3D beamforming. Improving reliability utilizing device antenna diversity is essential for the scalable Naval and Marine Corps Dynamic Time-Sensitive Target System. We have fabricated our RFIC (radio frequency integrated circuit) architecture to support several possible SLW antenna designs that bring new capabilities, efficiencies, spectrums, and deployment opportunities for tactical Military operation. For example, our prototype system simplifies radio power solutions for MIMO and massive MIMO (mMIMO) systems by combining smaller and lighter active antenna systems with multi-chip modules (MCM) serving the RF power. These RF power amplification solutions will significantly boost the integration, spanning from sub-6 GHz to 40 GHz bands while facilitating power supply from milliwatts to kilowatts. Architecture of this type will allow prosecution of time critical threats and targets from various domains: maritime, undersea, air, and ground.

Fusion One

Fusion 1 is an information technology and security solutions provider with a suite of products and services that serve both regulated and non-regulated markets. Our core competencies integrate Proprietary IT technologies such as Next Generation Identity Management and Trust Services, Information Security with Adversarial Machine Learning, and General secure businesses solutions (CRM, LMS, etc.).

Our team it is composed by a multidisciplinary team of inventors, technology, and social scientist, legal, operations and innovation specialist with strong past performance from recognized organizations such as: Department of Defense, US Intelligence Agencies, State Government, Law Enforcement and Private organizations such as: Forrester, Microsoft, Honeywell Aerospace, Professional Associations among others.

Tax Advantage of Investing in Opportunity Zones

In exchange for following the rules of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones through Qualified Opportunity Funds, investors can receive substantial capital gains tax incentives immediately and over the long term. When an investor divests an appreciated asset, such as stocks or real estate, they realize a capital gain, which is a taxable event. With the introduction of Opportunity Zones, if an investor reinvests a qualifying capital gain into an Opportunity Fund, they can defer and reduce their tax liability on that gain. Beyond that, they can also potentially receive tax-free treatment for all future appreciation earned through the fund. Together, these tax incentives can boost after tax returns for Opportunity Fund investors:

Those who invest realized capital gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund could defer paying capital gains tax for those earnings until April 2027 for investments held through December 31, 2026. Gains must be invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days to qualify for any tax treatment available under Opportunity Funds.

Those who hold their Opportunity Fund investments for at least five years prior to December 31, 2026, can reduce their liability on the deferred capital gain principal invested in the Opportunity Fund by 10%.

Those who hold their Opportunity Fund investment for at least 10 years can expect to pay no capital gains taxes on any appreciation in their Opportunity Fund investment. That is because Opportunity Fund gains earned from Opportunity Zone investments can qualify for permanent exclusion from the capital gains tax if the investment is held for at least 10 years.

As you can see, there is a timetable that investors must follow to maximize the tax advantages available through the Opportunity Zones. For those who invest in 2020-2021, there are important milestones between 2025 and 2026.

Peter Kaufman, Fund Manager

Peter Kaufman is the founder, President, CTO and Inventor. With over 30 years experience in engineering and consultant in the electronics manufacturing and product design industry, Peter has acquired an extensive array of industry contacts and resources and participated in a very wide variety of project areas in product development and R&D, and have always called on creativity and expertise to apply state of the art technologies to new ideas, products and to improve on existing systems.

Peter’s years of experience and vast contacts enhance his problem solving ability. Patent development: electro-optical, imaging, photonics, magnetics, medical devices and semiconductor device development. Product development projects for Firematic, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Emergency Services products and many more. Work areas: optics, video, touch sensors, power systems, broadcast and closed circuit RF, power line RF, radiation safety, abatement and compliance, power and control audio, speaker development, fiber optics, motor technology, thermodynamics, Thermo-Electric Cooling, energy management, security electronics, electronics packaging, video monitors, μC system hardware design, interfacing, control and sensing software, specialized low power RF, vertically polarized RF systems, law enforcement products, Firematic products, audio enhancement systems, ultra wide band optics and lenses, multi-spectral imaging camera design, semiconductor wafer fabrication design, MEMS semiconductor design and fabrication, laser illumination, laser targeting, laser distance measurement, ballistics engineering, photonic detonators, laser communications, electronic toys & others.

Compliance engineering & agency approvals: UL, CSA, VDE, FCC, FDA, MP3, etc. Projects for: General Motors: Delco Radio Division & Delco Remy Motor Division, Apple Computer, Phillips/Amperex, NASA, NYC Board of Education, US Postal Service, Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, NYPD, NYC Dept. of Corrections, Altec Lansing, Atari, Sony, Hitachi, EDS/Vanstar and many more.

For these current projects, Peter coordinated all work with subcontractors and consultants to provide the information needed for each step to complete the pixel detector devices and thermal camera systems for the targeted vertical market areas. Since the company’s inception in 1998, Mr. Kaufman has fulfilled custom contract work for many notable customers and has done work in and for radio communications, Firematic systems, SONY, General Motors production line systems, NASA Space Shuttle Simulator Display systems, certified Apple Computer Developer and many others that all required diverse engineering and product development skills.

Mr. Kaufman is a guest speaker and research contributor at the Physics and Materials Science Department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Patents and Publications.

Gib Dunham – Financial advisor

Gib Dunham is the Chief Investment Officer at Bridgeway Wealth Partners where he is responsible for originating public and private investments, including private equity, real estate and hedge funds. Gib was formerly a Managing Director with Hywin Capital Management, a $20 billion Asian institution. Gib was the Chief Investment Officer for Alternative Capital Advisers, a multi-strategy hedge fund allocator. Gib was a Partner at a $4 billion multi-family office responsible for security selection, risk management and alternative allocations.

Before that he was a Vice President at Emigrant Capital, a $10 billion private equity fund. Before that he was a portfolio manager at a $4.5 billion hedge fund group where he was seeded and launched his own fund. His career began at Bear, Sterns in investment banking in the telecommunications group.

Gib is a graduate of Dartmouth College where he majored in political science. He has received his CFA, CAIA, CMT, QFA and CIC designations and has a certificate in structured products. He is the volunteer Treasurer and a board member for the Carter Burden Network and the investment committee for the COTE endowment portfolio.

Mr. Dunham has been responsible for raising almost all the investment capital for Digital Direct IR, Inc. over the last 4 years. He has vast knowledge of finance, VC, investment banking and has been instrumental in locating strategic partners and identifying new market verticals.

Oscar DeLeon – Fund Manager

Mr. Oscar de Leon has over 30 years experience in the IT industry via ownership in his firm, Cytec Software Systems Inc. that had several offices in the Southwest U.S. Mexico and India. Currently as a government relations consultant he has been involved in marketing, business development, and management for technology clients. Oscar has marketed and conducted business development activities for major national commercial accounts, national labs, major universities and defense industry clients. Mr. de Leon’s management skills include leadership responsibilities for directing project teams working on various contracts simultaneously. Contracts have been successful, with requirements completed on time results and within budget based on milestones associated with planned work breakdown structures. Oscar’s contract management capabilities include over 25 years working experience on projects requiring a thorough understanding of Federal, State and local government regulations, laws, and related requirements. Most importantly, his technical writing skills include preparing technical proposals, point papers, and statements of work that is comprised of process maps, project plans, cost estimates, and risk assessments. Mr. De Leon is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with an advanced degree earned from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Please respond and ask for our full PPM document with in depth descriptions of all the participating companies, the fund and how it operates and your requirements to be eligible.

Contact Information: (or go to our website (below) to ask questions of the fund managers)

Oscar DeLeon, fund manager, contact for Opportunity Zone information
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(601) 951-0896

Gib Dunham, financial advisor, contact for investment and financial information
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(917) 716-4084

Peter Kaufman, fund manager, contact for technical information about the companies
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(718) 445-0038

David Sillaman, EazyDoIt Fund Organizer, program detail questions and fund requirements
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Global Technology Impact Fund, Corp.
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Please visit our website to ask questions of the fund managers, or use the contact information above:

Global Technology Impact Fund Corp. is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund.

This Fund is 3rd Party Administered by: OZ I NVESTED, LLLP. Joe Luna, Managing Partner


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