How Impossible Marketing achieved SG$100K worth of organic traffic every quarter

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Digital marketing has revolutionised the way businesses reach out to consumers. Not only are companies now able to communicate directly with their customers through social media, but through various marketing tools, they can also keep track of their advertisement’s performance and fine-tune their marketing campaign according to their audiences’ preferences.

However, similar to traditional marketing, if organisations want to capture consumers’ attention, their advertisements must be prominent. In the digital realm, there is no better way for your brand to grab attention than appearing on Google’s first page. To achieve this, you will have to be ready to set aside a significant marketing budget as Google charges per click.

This method is often unfeasible for small businesses and marketing agencies. But what if there is a way to drive traffic to your website without incurring high advertising costs? At Impossible Marketing, we managed to achieve $100,000 worth of traffic every quarter through the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) and organic traffic. Let us share more details on how we accomplished this feat.

How Google advertisements work

As a consumer, how often do you click on the second page when searching for a product? The answer is likely to be: occasionally. Once customers find what they are looking for, they are not going to bother continuing their search. If your website is not ranking competitively, you will struggle to reach out to your target audience. 

Companies that want their websites to land on the converted first page will often turn to Google Ads to ensure this scenario happens. This is why you often see the top few results denoted with an “Ad” as shown in the picture below. However, this method is expensive and maybe unsustainable in the long term.

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Before advertisers begin their Google Ads campaigns, they have to select a list of keywords relevant to their services to target – the words the public are likely to use when searching for their products.

Subsequently, advertisers have to bid for the keywords, basing each offer on how much they are prepared to pay for the public to click on the ad. This bid, combined with other factors, such as Quality Score, determines the ranking of your website. Moreover, the cost of each keyword differs. Google Ads functions similarly to an auction house. Therefore, the more popular a keyword is, the more expensive it will cost.

For example, if we want Impossible Marketing’s website to rank on the first page of Google search results using the keyword “SEO Singapore”, which has 3600 monthly searches, we will have to bid an estimated SG$14 for every click.

SEO versus Google Ads: what’s the difference?

SEO and Google Ads have similar functions – both tools help get your brand on Google’s search engine results pages, so prospective clients can know more about your services. However, SEO and Google Ads go about achieving their functions in different ways.

Aside from the obvious monetary differences, the Google Ads’ effect is more immediate since you can begin your advertising campaign almost instantly, whereas SEO requires more time and effort to optimise your website to obtain organic traffic, and in turn, a better ranking. Google Ads also allows you to target multiple keywords, while SEO focuses on a few crucial keywords to achieve the best results.

Furthermore, it is easier to calculate the return of investment (ROI) for Google Ads as you only have to factor in your ad spending and revenue. Conversely, you have to dedicate manpower and other resources to optimising your website, which is harder to quantify.

However, the biggest difference is that SEO is an ongoing process, which means organic traffic generated from your SEO campaign will continue long term as long as you regularly optimise your website. Once you halt your Google Ads campaign, you will likely notice a drastic drop in your site’s traffic.

So which tool is best suited for your brand? It depends on your company’s goals and objectives. Google Ads might be suitable for start-ups looking to garner targeted traffic quickly so they can increase sales and expand their business. However, once a brand begins to establish itself, it needs to target organic traffic to sustain its growth.

Impossible Marketing’s SEO strategy

At Impossible Marketing, we focus on getting organic traffic via SEO as the cost-per-click for our keywords ranges from SG$14 to $24 for every click.

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We find that getting traffic through organic SEO offers huge cost savings and is more sustainable in the long run.

Subsequently, we dig deeper into our keyword research and begin to optimise more than 100 keywords that we want to rank for our website. As a result, we managed to achieve more than SG$100,000 worth of traffic every quarter. This equates to SG$400,000 of advertising savings every year.

Additional benefits of organic SEO traffic

While cost saving is undoubtedly one of the key advantages of utilising SEO, there are various other benefits to generating organic traffic. Let us share what these advantages are.

  1. Organic traffic is more likely to bring in quality prospects

Generating high traffic may not always translate to sales. Quality traffic is also crucial. After all, the aim is to convert the visitors to your site into customers. So how can we determine the quality of the visitors? Through search intent.

When prospective clients key in a search query on Google, they expect the search engine to provide results that satisfy this intent. By optimising your website’s content with the relevant keywords that embody your customers’ searches, you can market specifically to an existing interest group instead of targeting random groups of people. Since these customers are already looking for what you are offering, they are more likely to purchase your products.

  1. Your competitors cannot replicate your success

Google Ads effectively generate significant traffic in a short amount of time, but it is easy for your competitors to replicate your success. There are various spy tools available that allow your competitions to dissect your campaign and see what works and what does not.

While your competitor can analyse your SEO landscape, such as which keywords you target and your referral traffic, they cannot steal your content. The experience you provide to your customers is unique.

  1. Greater credibility

When you conduct a google search, do you click on the paid results displayed at the top of the page? If your answer is no, then you are not alone. Studies have shown that 75% of clicks are organic. This means most people ignore the paid results and focus on the top organic results instead.

When someone searches for something on Google, they are looking for the most relevant solution to their problem. Despite appearing at the top of the page, these paid results are perceived as less credible. Top results that are bought do not appeal to the public as much as an organic one. However, if your website ranks on the top page through organic search, consumers will place more trust in the services you provide.

SEO is the future of digital marketing

At Impossible Marketing, we firmly believe that organic traffic should be the long-term goal for every company. Paid advertisements, such as Google Ads, are helpful, but unsustainable in the long run. Even if cost is not a factor, there are multiple benefits to utilising SEO tools to garner organic traffic. This is why SEO is the future of digital marketing.

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