Illinois business enterprise owner claims he could not survive one more shutdown

CASEY, Sick. (WTHI) – The proprietor of Brownie’s Position in Casy, Illinois says his business or employees could not endure yet another shutdown.

“When we have been shut down the very first time we did dinners and suppers and we delivered to firms in town and to individuals. Just to keep anything heading so my workers would have a occupation,” stated Steve Brown.

Brown states he experienced to find authorized help to maintain his business afloat in the course of the midst of the pandemic.

“It arrived to a level wherever we have been both going to have to shut down and just close or we was gonna have to do anything. So I employed a lawyer,” says Brown.

He states when they were being wanting him to close down his in-doorway eating owing to the pandemic, he just couldn’t do it for economic motives.

“Like any other companies if we near down once more we’re not heading to make it so I made a decision and went back to that law firm we did our paperwork and we stayed open up,” reported Brown.

He states he’s getting safety measures to maintain equally customers and team members protected.

“We do every thing we can in there, I signify we thoroughly clean and sanitize between everyone all over. we do anything majorly of an evening to make confident just about every bodies risk-free,” claims Brown.

Brown states COVID-19 isn’t heading anyplace, whenever before long. He adds so folks must just get used to the new ordinary.

“I’m not declaring I’m not worried about it but at some position in time you have to go on residing or your just gonna be curled up in a corner worried to stroll close to your personal shadow,” reported Brown.

Brown tells me he hasn’t received any push again from his neighborhood. He adds that nobody at Brownie’s Put has gotten COVID-19.