Initiative Honors MLK Legacy Through Business

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Brandi Rogers is the founder of We Mean Business, an initiative she started to promote and uplift Black-owned business.

What You Need To Know

  • Brandi Rogers is the founder of We Mean Business, an initiative that promotes Black-owned businesses around the state
  • Rogers’ goal is to use her skills to help others
  • Aims to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by helping support and bring her community together

Her events call on vendors from across Ohio to come together for a day of shopping.

“We have a big impact with our Black dollars and with a lot of changes that we see happening in our environment where it’s constant negativity, figured the best thing we can do is keeping our dollars in house and making sure we show support for one another,” said Rogers.

Operating We Mean Business isn’t Rogers’ day job. She owns her own business and specializes in marketing and event planning.

It’s a reason she said she loves to connect with vendors and help them with their own businesses.

“I get to support everybody and I get to shop with them and network with them, because like I said, I always give out free tips free advice to make sure we look good,” Rogers said.

Since she can’t be at many of the Black Lives Matter protests, Rogers said this is her way of supporting her community and carrying on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message.

“Dr. King was a person who spoke about peace, and a big part of peace and right now, we have a lot of hostility in the world, and people are always happy when they’re shopping and eating and remember there is a lot of positivity in the world right now,” Rogers said.