Xmas in April for Dynamics 365 Organization Central end users: Enhancements to money dimensions

With each Dynamics 365 Small business Central Wave launch, it’s like waking up Christmas morning to find what provides you acquired, only these are in the variety of new and improved attributes. You know the presents I indicate, the kinds you just can’t wait to get started working with straight away and clearly show off to other folks. Other capabilities are like that pack of white socks your mom acquired you—useful and simple, but not as interesting.

If you haven’t now taken a peek at the 2021 Wave 1 launch attributes and notes, look at it out in this article.  The list is divided into diverse parts: Administration, Software, Electric power System, and so forth. There is a minor some thing for all people!  It only takes a several minutes to glimpse about and see what neat points you could possibly find. Microsoft has presented us some quite wonderful offers that are confident to make your life less complicated, and I am thrilled to show a few of these off to you in this report. 

Two of these new functions relate to extra management and flexibility all-around the use of dimensions.  You know how potent proportions can be when it comes to reporting and evaluation, but the agony arrives when an incorrect dimension has been posted with a transaction.  We now have some new resources to aid decrease this pain.  

1. Far more Handle in excess of Settings for Default Dimensions

What Microsoft states:

“Instead of permitting people to decide just any dimension price, when the dimension Value Posting is established to Code Mandatory, using Allowed Dimension Values in the Default Dimensions page, buyers can now pick from a predefined listing of allowed dimension values that managing, finance, or accounting departments opt for as legitimate for distinct master details, files, or transaction submitting in Small business Central.”

What this implies for you

If you are in manage of making and retaining dimensions for your business, you can determine one particular or far more dimension values that you want to let the consumer getting into the transaction to decide on from on the learn info.  If you are the 1 getting into transactions, you will be restricted to selecting from this predefined record of values. 

Why Controllers are so joyful

With this enhancement, far more management can be exercised at the preliminary entry of transactions into the process. This signifies there will be more regularity among transactions and a lot less faults, which signifies much less work for you at month-close.  Taking 10-20 minutes to established up the Allowed Values on learn details can aid conserve an hour or much more at each and every thirty day period-stop and the headaches that result when reports never deliver you with the meaningful data you will need from your method.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 initial dimension entryImpression taken from the Microsoft release notes

2. Dimension Corrections on G/L Entries

What Microsoft claims

“On the General Ledger Entries page, the Correct Dimensions action allows you proper dimensions on posted entries by enhancing the dimension value, introducing new dimensions, or removing them. Directors can also lock dimensions for corrections, specify that corrections need to regard shut accounting periods, and check out a transform log for a offered G/L entry in get to revert the entry to its original worth.”

What this signifies for you