Top 10 Business Coaches to Look Out For in 2021

Top 10 Business Coaches To look Out For In 2021

Left to Right: Paula Tenario, Hannah Cluley, Jenn Faith, Marina Simone, Ali Daniel, Erica Carrico, Samantha Joy, Stephanie Hess, Christina Popovic, Lindsay Stead

Left to Right: Paula Tenario, Hannah Cluley, Jenn Faith, Marina Simone, Ali Daniel, Erica Carrico, Samantha Joy, Stephanie Hess, Christina Popovic, Lindsay Stead

Left to Right: Paula Tenario, Hannah Cluley, Jenn Faith, Marina Simone, Ali Daniel, Erica Carrico, Samantha Joy, Stephanie Hess, Christina Popovic, Lindsay Stead

LOS ANGELES, March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There are plenty of businesses thriving and they grow in different areas. However every business often starts with an idea and accelerates with its potential to meet financial needs and development in its different spaces. That’s when the business coaches add their value to businesses. When we talk about a business coach, today’s profound entrepreneurs want to learn and grow with some experts beside them considering the expertise and experience of a business coach in their entrepreneurial journey. Here is a list of business innovators that one should certainly bookmark for adding a little push to their business success. Also, we would like to thank Sunshy Digital Media Agency for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Paula Tenario
Paula the founder of Woman CEO Mindset & Woman CEO Academy has an extraordinary range of experience and success in the social media marketing space. She is a serial entrepreneur that has quickly become an extremely sought after digital marketing strategist and social media expert by women entrepreneurs from around the world. Paula is dedicated to coaching and empowering women. She helps women strategize, organically grow and monetize their business by attracting their ideal clients through social media. She inspires women to unapologetically be themselves, follow their dreams and reach their goals. Paula has grown Woman CEO Mindset’s Instagram community to 700K followers in only 24 months and continues to rapidly grow. She coaches women entrepreneurs on how to master social media by creating content that converts into daily sales. To work with Paula or advertise your business on her platform follow @WomanCeoMindset on Instagram or visit their website.

Hannah Cluley
Hannah Cluley has pioneered business coaching and redefined entrepreneurship with her unique coaching and authentic approaches. When it comes to showing business owners how to be authentically then online, Hannah knows where it’s at! She has built her community and her business around the notion that you are your best asset, and your community will love you when you are your true, authentic, vulnerable self! Having had 5 years’ experience in building wellness brands on social media, Hannah’s passion is helping wellness entrepreneurs build strong and loyal communities online. In the past 2 years, Hannah has worked with over 100 entrepreneurs on growing their businesses, particularly when it comes to social media, marketing and also building a mindset that says, actually, you DO deserve to be successful, AND you get to help people along the way. Hannah is both a Business Coach & Mentor, meshing together traditional mindset coaching with practical teaching and mentorship around business strategy and planning.

Jenn Faith
Jenna Faith is an advocate for female entrepreneurs who know they are meant for millions. She does not believe that successful women need to learn more strategies to achieve more success; instead, she helps them restore business alignment so that success becomes a natural extension of who they are. Jenna is the go-to secret weapon to empower women to claim the recognition they deserve and leave a legacy that lasts. She focuses on authentic marketing and identity coaching to help her clients shift quickly into increased income and impact. She is a podcast host, best selling author and has worked with over 3000 paying clients. She has been featured in over 200 industry publications and podcasts and has spoken on stages around the country. Her most recent endeavour is helping other coaches accelerate their skills and get their client’s predictable results through her ‘Become a Cash Flow Coach’ licensing and certification program.

Marina Simone
Starting from scratch with no real direction, it was a while before Marina Simone found her feet making a living on social media, through network marketing and personal branding. She built an organization of 60,000 customers and distributors in less than two years, using online strategies with social media, which made her in the top 12 income earners in that company. Now, Marina is a top branding strategist to 5, 6 + 7 figure earn
ers. She’s been helping her clients generate more sales and leads through branding themselves to stand out and be remembered and helping their mission get out to the world. Marina is wife and mom to a beautiful 10-year-old Anaiyah and almost 2-year old Madelyn. She is known for keeping it real with her audience – she doesn’t feel like she is better than anyone else and embraces women, taking them on the journey with her. Marina is the Founder and CEO of Moms And Heels™️ where her mission is to teach busy moms how to slay online sales, by identifying their personal brand, story and mission so that they can go from the #cubicle2throne. Her unique persona and branding style make Marina a true standout – and if she can do it, so can you.

Ali Daniel
When it comes to the phrase “soul-aligned purpose” there are few who embody or teach it better than Ali Daniel. Recognized as the Soul Aligned Business Coach for Coaches, she fuels new and aspiring coaches with no-fluff, easy-to-execute strategies, helping them shift from zero clients to earning thousands in just a few short weeks, without certifications. Ali’s gift is guiding coaches to an abundant mindset, silence self-doubt and overcome paralyzing fears. She’s developed the failproof methods needed to transform her clients’ “soul purpose” into high-ticket, high-value coaching programs. With a 75% program success rate, she’s undoubtedly doing the work to ensure her clients build profitable businesses they love. Ali has coached 200+ overjoyed clients through her highly-successful, top-ranked Path to Freedom Coach Accelerator, changed the lives of over 2,000 women through her 4 Day Soul Aligned Biz Challenge, and founded the popular “Punch Drunk Soul” podcast with listeners worldwide.

Erica Carrico
Erica Carrico is an Award-Winning Life Purpose & Business Coach (International Coach of the Year 2020) for people who are ready to transform their lives by creating six-figure businesses, while lucratively expressing their own soul purpose. Through coaching services, online programs, and speaking, Erica helps people discover their life purpose, build & scale up their soulful businesses, and make money on their spiritual path so they can finally have the impact they were destined to have, and earn a living doing what they absolutely love and what they were put on earth to do!
She has built an international coaching & consulting business (just after being diagnosed with kidney cancer, and with two small kids in tow) in just over 2 years and is obsessed with helping her clients all around the world transform their lives by creating profitable, soul-aligned businesses.

The Less Effect
Samantha Joy, Identity Coach and Founder of The Less Effect Method, is taking the personal development world by storm. She is the #1 bestselling author of “The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness and Purpose.” Her coaching approach supports CEOs and Founders in shifting their identity to their most authentic self by clearing out aspects of their life rooted in an old story. The result is enhanced mental clarity, an improved sense of self, and the ability to design an environment that attracts abundance and fulfillment. As a former Vice President and single mother, Samantha possesses the resilience and experience necessary to give her clients the real deal, challenging mainstream topics like mindset and imposter syndrome. She embodies her life’s purpose by demonstrating that we are simply a product of our environment and with the right tools, we can curate our surroundings to manifest all that we desire.

Stephanie Hess
Stephanie Hess’s passion and purpose are being a catalyst for self-employed coaches and leaders to monetize their brilliance and make a huge impact — what she desired most in her own life just years ago. A former Fortune 500 Director; Stephanie feels most lit up helping business owners leverage their intuition and joy to strategically grow their business as founder of Stephanie Hess Coaching. Her Coaching is based on 15 years of business and marketing experience and coaching over 100 entrepreneurs in her career. Combining a unique background in global cosmetics marketing, professional sports PR and health coaching, with a love for personal growth and spiritual concepts; Stephanie created a refreshingly simple, 4-step, a needle-moving process for creating powerful clients online, without complexity, confusion or cold selling. Stephanie teaches and is of the belief that you MUST design a business model that suits you; not marketing gurus, mentors or your Facebook feed. For her and her clients, this means building a 6 and multi-6 figure practice working intimately and deeply with just a handful of high-value, high-impact clients. She is the host of her beloved Womanpreneur On Fire & Superabundant Coach & CEO Masterminds and works privately with clients in 1 to 12-month containers. Stephanie calls NYC and Lancaster, PA home; surrounded by houseplants and a growing wine collection.

Christina Popovic
Christina Popovic is a Navy Veteran, Motivational Speaker, Certified Health/ Life/ Master Transformation Coach & Business Consultant. Founder of Christina Popovic Coaching & Consulting (previously Sol Coaching LLC), her passion is to see women accomplish their dreams and their financial goals. She is a fierce mother of two (1 and 7) and a Navy wife to her husband of nearly 10 years. Christina is on a stronger mission than ever to empower women to embrace their ability to multitask like a boss with a foundation of faith in god. Although being a mom in business isn’t always the easiest gig, Christina’s systems help build a solid startup strategy to fast-track signing clients. Thanks to the beauty of technology, Christina connects with clients all over the world, providing them with enriched content, online coaching programs and courses, valuable tools, podcasts and more.
Christina leads by example that anything is possible!

Lindsay Stead
Lindsay Stead is a creative spirit by nature and a business enthusiast by upbringing. She is a digital marketing and communications expert with experience in sales, client relationship management, brand management, research marketing, web design, digital marketing and social media management. Through her years of teaching at a local college, she realized that coaching, mentoring, and nurturing entrepreneurs pursuing their passions was an area she thrived in. As a successful online coach and mentor, Lindsay helps her fellow female entrepreneurs soar. Her methods have been described as being “mindset mama bear meets soulful strategy,” with a heavy focus on making our personalities work for us, not the other way around. Lindsay’s coaching brings a unique blend of accountability, strategy, friendship, cheerleading, and everything in between. A true INFJ, Lindsay is skilled in drawing out and empowering fellow shy and introverted women so they can make the positive impact they were meant to create.

It’s usual for one to get stuck in their entrepreneurial journey and sometimes inevitable challenges might even slow down one’s passion. Thus, it’s ideal to keep an expert and opinionated mind aside. While these business coaches can certainly ease up your business problems, their experience can lead you to a successful and desirable business.

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