Vivo Y12 – Smartphones With Powerful Features

The Vivo Y12 smartphone has received a lot of attention in India as it is the first smartphone that will be coming equipped with the Windows operating system. It also has a lot of other features and technologies that make it stand apart from other devices. Vivo has priced the smartphone reasonably and despite some pre-launch criticisms, Vivo Y12 seems to be flying off the shelves. The full phone specifications and comparisons have been outlined in the following paragraphs.

The Display

On paper, the display is commendable. The vivo y12 has been reviewed by several reviewers and the general consensus is that this smartphone has a beautiful display which can be used for viewing applications and watching videos. The display it’s capacity and is measured at 401 pixels per inch. The screen is also said to be bright and gives decent viewing experience.

Vivo has gone ahead and packaged the phone with lots of useful features. The Vivo Y12 comes with Windows pre-installed, which makes it easy to download apps right away. Other handy features include Microsoft Office support, Microsoft Groove music player, microSD slot for additional storage expansion and a large battery.

On the keyboard side, there is no striking feature but Vivo has included several useful features. On the backlit keys are easy to use. A nice physical keypad is present which allows you to type text messages, take pictures and use the Windows key shortcuts. If you wish to customize your Vivo Y12 unit, you can add on extra skins which can be easily removed. There are also several visual enhancements, which you can experiment with. These skins are removable and washable as well.

Virtual Keyboard

An interesting thing about the phone is that it has a built in virtual keyboard. You can access this feature from the Settings section. This makes using the keyboard on the Vivo Y12 easy and comfortable. This feature is extremely useful, as most people prefer to write texts and emails on a physical keyboard as compared to a virtual one.

High Resistance

The high resistance in this phone is made possible by the material of the back glass. It is also able to resist scratches to a large extent. The battery life on the Vivo Y12 lasts for about an hour and half if not more. The phone is really powerful and if you are looking for a strong phone with a stylish design then the Vivo Y12 should be in your collection.